DevOps podcasts: The Ship Show

One of my favourite DevOps podcasts – recommended!

A twice-montly podcast covering the finer points of build engineering, devops, & release management, including discussions, interviews, reviews, and coverage of important release engineering news and happenings.

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Episodes published so far:

Episode 55: I Don’t Always Test, But When I Do…
Episode 54: Packaging Your Software for Maximum Freshness
Episode 53: Developing CareerOps
Episode 52: Managing the Magic of Microservices
Episode 51: Five Years of DevOps (and Its Days)
Episode 50: Notes to Your Butler
Episode 49: The Pulse of PuppetConf 2014
Episode 48: Continuous All The Things: Flowcon 2014
Episode 47: Making Monitoring Work for You
Episode 46: The Epistemology of DevOps
Episode 45: DevOps on the Silicon Prairie
Episode 44: Quantifying Quality
Episode 43: Extinguishing Burnout
Episode 42: The State of DevOps Life in the Windows World
Episode 41: Your Profile Tells Me You’re Perfect for this Amazing Podcast Opportunity
Episode 40: Delving Into the Delight of ChefConf 2014
Episode 39: Deciphering the “Docker Lifestyle”
Episode 38: A Year of The Phoenix Project with Gene Kim
Episode 37: Scaling Your Self-Service as a Service
Episode 36: Myths, Archetypes, Heroes, and Imposters
Episode 35: Continuous Deployment… or Annoy-ment?
Episode 34: Infrastructure As A Service… You’re Responsible For
Episode 33: Ringing in 2013++
Episode 32: Whose Function Is It Anyway?
Episode 31: A Cornucopia of Dev[Ops] Tools: A Chat with Atlassian
Episode 30: Getting into Flow[Con] with Gene Kim and Jez Humble
Episode 29: To Be Continued: Release Engineering Tools at Netflix
Episode 28: Because You Watched DevOps, You Might Enjoy Netflix
Episode 27: Branching, Merging, and Octopi (Oh My!)
Episode 26: PuppetConf 2013 Revue
Episode 25: Keep Calm and PROD On
Episode 24: Training: Vapid or Valuable?
Episode 23: Practical Object OO (and Cat!) Design with Sandi Metz!
Episode 22: DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013 Super Panel
Episode 21: Going, Going… Gone.
Episode 20: Does Your Entire Team Have to Git It?
Episode 19: ChefConf 2013 Revue
Episode 18: Asked & Answered
Episode 17: Automate Everything in 48 Hours or Your Pizza Is Free
Episode 16: PaaS: Play or Passé?
Episode 15: Demystifying DevOps: A Chat with Damon Edwards
Episode 14: What’s in a Version?
Episode 13: Out with The 2012, In with The 2013
Episode 12: In the NOC for the Holidays
Episode 11: RelEng/DevOps Langauges du Jour
Episode 10: When Your CI Tool Starts Looking Like a Sledgehammer
Episode 09: Challenges Faced by the Enterprise Git Architect
Episode 08: Rolling Your Own
Episode 07: Bootstrapping Your Developer Environments
Episode 06: A Conversation with Mark Burgess
Episode 05: Too Much… Automation?
Episode 04: Stop the Presses!
Episode 03: Hire the Best!
Episode 02: Is “DevOps” Just “Release Engineering” for Web 2-dot-oh?
Episode 01: Why bother with release engineering?



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