Monthly Archive: July 2015


The WTF Economy

Author: Tim O’Reilly WTF?! In San Francisco, Uber has 3x the revenue of the entire prior taxi and limousine industry. WTF?! Without owning a single room, Airbnb has more rooms on offer than some...


Periodic Table of DevOps Tools by XebiaLabs

Author: Necco Ceresani The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is a dynamic, embed-able and aesthetically pleasing device that allows users to visualize the most popular DevOps tools, define them, and categorize each tool by...


Define DevOps: What is DevOps?

Author: Rob England A reader asked me to define DevOps. It’s not easy to find definitions. Here’s mine. I looked around: The Godfather of DevOps himself, Patrick Debois, isn’t telling. Gene Kim’s upcoming DevOps...