Audi unite

Audi unite makes it easy for you and your friends to have an Audi together.
Audi unite is a collaborative car initiative that refashions mobility as a personalized micro-sharing experience. Now available in Stockholm, Sweden.
Choose your Audi and up to 4 friends, colleagues or neighbours. Share the access with your selected circle of co-drivers and get all the Audi you want.

Audi unite allows for easy, simple and transparent budgeting with no surprise bills. You can split the monthly cost evenly or according to your use of the car — you decide which billing plan best fits your needs.
With either billing plan – Audi unite fixed plan or Audi unite flex plan — you enjoy the benefits of driving an Audi without the full burden of maintenance, upkeep, and cost. Choose your plan and get just the amount of Audi you want.
The total cost of your car usage comes in one monthly invoice. Your invoice includes insurance, maintenance, cleaning and tyre changes as well as your portion of fuel, car liquids, cleaning costs and congestion tax.

Audi unite gives you all-inclusive peace of mind. With Audi unite, you only pay for the time you drive and divide the running costs with your Audi unite circle. Everything is seamlessly organized – with your personalized fuel card your fuel costs are added to your monthly bill.

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