Industry 4.0 in the Era of #Cloud, #Agile, #DevOps #Microservices and #IoT

Author: Alex Lichtenberger

Some weeks ago I posted an infograph about the cloud-enabled company. Since then I had many good discussions about it and put additional thoughts into the concept. This finally ended in an updated infograph:

  • I extended the cloud- and service architecture with an implementation approach, which is of course: Agile. This includes vision, prioritized backlog, sprinting and so on.
  • The concept of microservices was added, which seems to me one of the next „big things“ and finally brings SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to the ground. You can basically build every service out of a combination of microservices – sourced through the cloud or self-made, as long as it meets the requirements of a microservice. And the „Internet of Things“? A big swarm of microservices.
  • I realized that agile, the cloud and the robust architecture of microservices are the enablers for Continuos Integration and Continuos Delivery, including automated testing. This allowed me to integrate these DevOps concepts into the infograph.

So here’s the updated graph:


Sounds to you like crazy stuff for the future? No, it’s not. It’s reality and actually nothing complicated.

Full article:

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