Oracle 12c Database as a Service on OpenStack-Based Private Clouds

Author: Toby Wolpe

Oracle and software and services firm Mirantis have joined forces to make it easier and faster to set up Database 12c ready for use on OpenStack private clouds.

The availability of Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant as the first Oracle applications in the Murano OpenStack catalog represents a deep integration with OpenStack, according to the enterprise software giant.

The two firms say their integration efforts, available in the upcoming Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 release, will mean developers can provision pluggable databases on Oracle Solaris from OpenStack, as well as enable applications to access new and existing pluggable databases from the open-source cloud software.

OpenStack applications will also be able to use security and performance features in Oracle’s Software in Silicon technology due with upcoming systems based on SPARC M7 chips running Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Solaris.

“What Oracle has done is build packaging around Oracle Database that enables them, through Mirantis OpenStack application catalogue Murano, to carve out what they call a PDB, a pluggable database, and enable the users of OpenStack to take advantage of Oracle Database,” Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski said.

“So if you’re a developer, for instance, and you’re building some application that needs Oracle database, you can go into Mirantis OpenStack and inside the application catalogue there’s going to be a button to get the database. You’ll then specify some parameters – like the size of the database – click the button and the database will become immediately available.”

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Further information: Press release: Oracle Collaborates with Mirantis to Bring Database as a Service Powered by Oracle Multitenant to OpenStack-Based Private Clouds

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