The ITIL Guide to DevOps

Author:  Alan Sharp-Paul

Adoption of DevOps practices within the Enterprise does not mean throwing out a perfectly good framework like ITIL. Think of DevOps as more of an evolution. ITIL brought order where there was once chaos. In some cases its formality and rigidity has gone too far though. Application of Agile and DevOps principles over the foundation of ITIL can overcome this.

DevOps is more a philosophy than a process. At its core, it’s simply about better collaboration between development and operations teams. It should be seen as a means for improving ITIL processes.

This eBook covers:

  • Major ITIL processess
  • Outline what typically goes wrong
  • How DevOps principles and tools can help

Download form: Alan Sharp-Paul, ScriptRock: The ITIL Guide to DevOps


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