Transforming organizational culture with Platform-as-a-service

Author:  Krain Arnold

Change is inevitable. It’s also an opportunity.

There are challenges associated with moving a large, hierarchical IT organization in a more agile and DevOps-oriented direction. While many challenges are of a technical nature, often the biggest difficulties are cultural and revolve around process and policy. Technology, however, can be used in such a way to encourage incentive structures in all levels of the organization.

This whitepaper explores the role of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in creating an atmosphere where creative and passionate developers can succeed frequently and quickly. IT leaders can harness the efficiency and persistence of a spontaneous organization despite the inherent limitations of hierarchical systems.

  • Defining organizational culture from the bottom up while strategically guiding it from the top.
  • Introducing PaaS to create incentive structures that pave the way for success.
  • Finding ways to introduce new ideas that add value immediately.

Download form: Krain Arnold, Red Hat: Transforming Organizational Culture with Platform-as-a-Service

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